BCTF Code of Ethics

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation is a union of professionals and represents the teaching profession in British Columbia. At the heart of this profession is the expertise (professional knowledge) and standards of practice (professional action) that guides teachers’ autonomy when meeting the educational needs of students. Like an profession, the purpose of public education is to serve a benefit to the community at large and to the students we serve.

ReadThePlan.ca: Strategic Responses to COVID-19

Steve Querengesser is a teacher in Haida Gwaii and was a candidate for 2nd VP of the BCTF at last week’s annual general meeting of the teachers’ union. Steve’s campaign focused on engaging members, raising the status of the teaching professional, and support for equity and reconciliation at all levels of public education in British Columbia. He also proposed a strategic response to COVID-19. He was not elected but many of the issues that he raised are still critical to public education and are worth the read.