Tom Kertes

om Kertes is a middle school teacher in Prince Rupert, the territory of the Gispaxlo’ots and Gits’iis of the Ts’msyen Nation.

Open Letter to the BCTF from a Teacher

I am a teacher because I care deeply about making a difference for the students in my school. Again, this is not unlike most other teachers. We all care about students. We are a passionate group of professionals who teach because we love caring for others. That is why I am so proud to be teacher.

Silence = Death: Why teachers’ silence on racism, reconciliation, and COVID-19 equals death

“Silence = Death” was a clarion call to action made by AIDS activists in the early days of that pandemic. At a time of willful government neglect, because of who the HIV virus killed, we knew that our survival depended on our voices being heard. What I learned then, when I came out as an AIDS activist in the early 1990s, is that silence always equals death, even now.

BCTF AGM: This revolution was not televised

Like a radio play, the AGM provided its listeners (delegates, actually) a chance to hear history unfold. A story told one spoken word at a time. The story developed gradually, at times it was a sputtering dialogue between the old way and a new way. Each line spoken revealed a tiny piece of the plot. A proposal was made. The answer was no. Another alternative was presented. Again, no. But what about this? No, again. Okay, let’s settle for faint hope instead. No, certainly not that.

Teachers in B.C. are worried, and it’s no wonder why

While public-school teachers in British Columbia are busy working in overcrowded classrooms, struggling to meet the needs of all students, and dealing with ever increasing demands (with fewer resources), teachers are now facing another stressor: Deciding how to best apply the pressure needed to ensure that the government delivers on its promise to value public education.


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