California Schools: Government to provide educators with 2.4 million face shields and other PPE

According to local news reports from California, the governor announced that in addition to other COVID-19 precautions, teachers and other educators would be provided face shields. Read more here.

Face shields are like plexiglass for other essential workers in close proximity of the public, but are portable for teachers and anyone else whose essential job requires moving around. Just as for other essential workers, like grocery store employees, a barrier helps protect the worker from the virus that causes COVID-19. But for teachers, the “plexiglass” needs to move with you. That’s because teachers move around as they teach students.

The nature of teachers’ job is close proximity, indoors, large group for long period together, and working with people of all ages in that context. Given this, each teacher needs all the tools to figure out what will work best for their classroom. Not every teacher will need to use a face shield or N95 respirator mask, but all should have the option. And this option must be supported through the provision of N95 masks and face shields.

If California can provide teachers and educators with 2.4 million face shields, then B.C. can too. To get this message out, be sure to sign the petition for N95 masks and face shields. Let’s reopen schools safely for students in B.C.