Editorial Policy

RedForBCED.ca brings together a diverse range of teachers’ viewpoints on education in the province, including views on building and exercising the profession’s collective power for the benefit of teachers and the communities we serve.

We recognize that teachers, and the teaching profession, are essential to public education, which is why RedForBCED.ca supports competitive salaries for teachers, reasonable workloads for teachers, and teachers’ professional autonomy. We recognize these priorities as essential to ensuring that education is provided on a universal and equitable basis for all.

We are committed to strengthening the teaching profession, advancing social justice and equity for all, and reconciliation through education. We oppose all systems and practices of oppression and marginalization. We support universal approaches to ending poverty, racism, sexism, colonialism, and all other forms of oppression and marginalization.

Our authors are past and present public-school teachers and are (or were) members of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), but we all speak for ourselves – not on behalf of our employer, union, or RedForBCED.ca.

We have invited a range of diverse views to this blog – seeking diverse views on issues on a wide range of issues affecting teachers, students, communities, and the public education system as a whole.

Posts must adhere to the BCTF Professional Code of Ethics and must reflect the values of professionalism and civility. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, misinformation, or bullying.

RedForBCED.ca operates on a collective basis, with each member blogger having an equal vote in the shared decisions of the blog. We meet monthly by conference call. There are currently up to fifteen member bloggers in our collective.

We also welcome relevant submissions on professional issues and teachers’ viewpoints on the value of public education from teachers and public education advocates. If you would like to submit a post as a guest blogger, please email tomkertes@gmail.com.