Safely Reopen B.C. Schools: Help spread the call for N95 masks and face shields for teachers, help us reach the next target of 5,000 supporters

We just reached our first target of 1,000 signers by today – just four days into the petition campaign.

Now let’s reach 5,000 signers to show support for keeping kids and educators safe by reopening schools safely with N95 masks and face shields for educators, and PPE for all students who need it in B.C. schools.

Thanks to you we are off to a strong start. Now we need your help to get to the next target of 5,000 signers this week. That won’t be easy, especially since we’ve used up all of our emails, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts to reach our own networks.

Now to keep growing the petition we will need to reach the networks of our supporters. Will you help?

You can help by posting the petition to your Facebook feed or Twitter account. Or better yet, you can help by emailing your friends and colleagues and asking them to sign the petition.

With over 43,000 public school teachers in B.C., it shouldn’t take long for the petition to take off and garner the attention that it deserves.

Let’s send a strong message to government: Essential workers require essential protections.   

Finally, thanks for signing the petition to safely reopen B.C. schools – by protecting students and educators alike. By calling on the government to provide teachers and other educators with N95 respiratory masks and face shields, you are helping to move the province closer to safely reopening B.C. schools, as soon as safely possible.

Teachers, other educators, and students all need protections, including access to PPE as a real option. But PPE is not enough, as other measures, including the provision of accommodations to those who need them, are also required.

We reached our first goal of 1,000 signers in just four days of the petition campaign. Thanks to you, we are off to a strong start… Now let’s reach 5,000 in the days ahead!

Please spread the petition now to support PPE for teachers and students alike. Thank you!